John Rock Defensive Driving Specialists - Reduce Insurance Costs and Improve Driver Safety

John Rock has helped hundreds of companies and municipal government agencies reduce crashes and save thousands of dollars by improving driver safety.

What makes us different?

Through live, instructor-led training, John’s audiences are actively engaged with his presentation and leave the program with a renewed sense of driver AND vehicle safety!

Combining both theory and practical applications, these comprehensive sessions cover topics such as why accidents occur, the legal ramifications of unsafe driving and vehicle dynamics while an obstacle course helps drivers implement essential skills.

If you are committed to making safety a top priority, we invite you to explore the programs we offer.

defensive driving classroom training

Driving Programs

Drawing from his vast accident reconstruction experience, extensive training and a heartfelt passion for safety, John developed the highest quality driver's training courses available–the John P. Rock, Inc. Defensive Driving Program.

John presents real life experiences utilizing photography and vehicle model demonstrations to deliver a unique approach as to why accidents occur and techniques for safer driving.

defensive driving classroom training

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civilian car
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