December 2014

Pottstown PD!

Pottstown PD! Spent the last three days in Pottstown, PA. 40 police officers completed the “John Rock Defensive Driving Obstacle Course”. Great police department!

Pickles & Safety!

Ahhh pickles! Rest-assured your pickles will be safely delivered for the Holidays. Did a safe driving seminar today for Bell-View Food Products in Penn, PA. Classroom in a pickle place! […]

Another question from the class: If you work with a stupid un-listening supervisor what do we do? Answer: Employees experience many frustrations in the workplace based on decisions made by […]

Another question from the class: Honest is there a quota for police  officer? Answer: There is no such thing as a quota for traffic or criminal arrests. Throughout my 25 […]

Another question from the Defensive Driving Class: Does eating a banana really affect a breathalyzer? Answer: Eating food, chewing gum etc., does not affect the outcome of a breathalyzer test.

Recently I conducted another Defensive Driving Class and utilized Back Channeling for participant’s questions and responses. A couple of very good questions came up and I would like to share […]