April 2017

Tips & Consequences

With the weather getting nice there will be a lot of road work being done. Don’t forget about those road workers in your travels. They are human and have families […]

A young man made a mistake and drove 20 M.P.H. over the speed limit in Virginia last week. He was charged with a Misdemeanor for Reckless Driving. Looking at 1 […]

Connemaugh Twp. Training

A little trip to Connemaugh Twp., Somerset Co. PA. to present Safe Driver’s Training to the Supervisors, Police Dept. & Public Works Dept. Great team! Be safe and thanks for […]

Divided Attention

As humans we have the ability to focus our attention on only one thing at a time. When we think about more than one thing or do more than one […]

Dickson Industries Training

Great Drivers Training Day at William Dickson Industries. A good company looking out for their employees. Thanks for having us. Good luck and be safe drivers!