Grave reminder not to put your feet on the dashboard.

Putting your feet on the dashboard is extremely dangerous! It is very tempting to do it especially  on a long vacation trip. But, did you know that an airbag deploys at 200 m.p.h.? You will never be able to react and get your feet off the dash when a collision occurs. A 22 year old passenger had her feet on the dash in a vehicle she was riding. The driver was unable to stop the vehicle when approaching a truck that suddenly stopped. When their vehicle hit the truck the passenger airbag deployed driving the girl’s knees into her face causing major injuries.  Both of her feet were broken, her jaw was dislocated, she lost her spleen, her hearing would remain altered and her memory would be wiped out.  Don’t be tempted to put your feet on the dash…



  1. I don’t put my feet on the dash but I do tend lift my left leg up and lean it against the door when driving. Now that I think about it, I haven’t done this since we bought our new vehicle. My mom always cautioned me against doing it but it was such a habit, I didn’t even realize I was doing it. Thank you new car for breaking me of my dangerous habit.


  2. It is just so scary to think about how many cars you will pass on your way for vacation.
    Hopefully this message will get out and shared. It could make a difference….
    We all have bad habits. We need to recognize them and do something about it…
    “You” could make a difference.


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