On My Way Home…Not My Fault…

On my way back from McKeesport today….Don’t ask why… Got in a right turn only lane by mistake. Lucky for me some young girl was texting and had no idea her lane of traffic was moving. Yep, pulled right in front of her and heard about 20 horns blowing behind her. Although I took advantage of her ignorance, she was “UNSAFE!” Put the phone down and drive!!


  1. I was sitting at a red light in Greensburg and a guy pulled up beside me driving with his dog on his lap! I think that would cause divided attention! Not to mention how ugly it would be if he wrecked and the air bag went off.


    1. We’re guilty of this one. Lately it has gotten worse because Kali wants to be near the baby. We are constantly telling her to sit down. I’m worried she’ll cause an accident. A doggie car seat may be in our future.


      1. You know, anything not secured in a vehicle during a collision will become a projectile. Your dog will become a projectile on impact and could strike you or your baby. That could cause serious injury or even worse….


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