Went to Paris!!! (Ohio)

WENT TO PARIS!! – (Ohio). Presented Defensive Driving Program to the employees and their spouses of Stallion Oilfield Service last night. A great company that is dedicated to the safety of their drivers and families.


  1. Just wanted to reach out and thank you for the presentation you did for stallion trucking today.As a stallion spouse of one of the office staff I thought this would be a big waste of time little to my knowing after being in the landscape business and driving a lot I moved to a factory and got very comfortable to the bad habits in driving I had the distracted driving the comfort zone in my small town. Well today I wore my seat belt first time in over ten years I used siri to make a call thank you sir for doing what you are doing. Chad Thompson


    1. Wearing a seatbelt after 10 years!! I think we made a difference….Thank You Chad


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