Working With Her Mirrors

A young girl didn’t know how to use her mirrors backing up or how to parallel park. She reached out to us and we taught her how to do it. First in a car then her mom’ s truck. She did great! Fabulous work training her Dianna!! If you know anyone who needs some coaching call us. Contact info on web site: we would be glad to help.



  1. Lexi did great driving today! Using the side mirrors is the best skill someone can learn!
    Lexi was amazed at how easy it was to back up thru a serpentine once she learned the proper use of her mirrors…it only took one time to talk her thru it, then it was all FUN after that.
    Thank you Lexi for joining us today !!!


    1. Dianna, you did a fabulous job training her! You are the expert in training drivers to use their mirrors.


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