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John Rock has helped hundreds of companies and municipal government agencies reduce crashes and save thousands of dollars by improving driver safety.

Reduce Insurance Costs

”The John P. Rock, Inc. Defensive Driving Program played a monumental part in starting both of our company's own safety programs. The result is a savings of 5% ($17,000) on our worker's compensation plan. John and his staff were extremely helpful and made a large impact on all of our drivers. They continue to provide support and training to our managers and employees. Thank you for all your amazing help!”

Paul Dickson,
William Dickson Industries, Inc. and Dickson Bulk Services, Inc.

Minimize Liability

“The training by John Rock opened the eyes of the City’s drivers as to their personal responsibilities of operating a municipal vehicle. The training was engaging and interactive.
They came away with lessons that they will never forget. They asked for the training to be repeated as it was THAT beneficial.”

Sue Trout,
City Administrator, City of Greensburg

Beyond Impressed

“All of our drivers took the class and each of them raved about it, even the veteran drivers who are not easily impressed. The class was very interesting and informative, and discussed many safety concerns that our drivers hadn’t thought about. It was well worth the time and should be mandatory training for not only municipal drivers, but for ALL drivers.”

Tim Willis,
Road Superintendant, White Township

Highly Recommended

“I recommend the Defensive Driving training for any public works agency. The instructor, John Rock, was passionate about his subject and kept all the guys’ attention. The outside course driving made you very aware of the dangers of blind spots when backing up.”

David J. Modricker,
PE, Public Works Director, Ferguson Township

The Most Valuable Education Program

"We had the Defensive Driving program presented by John P. Rock and Dianna Marcinik on Friday, June 14, 2013. This program was attended by our public works employees, the police officers in our department and myself. I am writing to let you know that this program was one of the most valuable and informative educational programs that we have had the opportunity to take. There was much information that was presented to us that we were unaware of, and information that will greatly enhance the safety of our employees and our families both at work and in our every day lives. Mr. Rock is very knowledgeable and did an excellent job of presenting this information and holding everyone’s attention throughout the entire presentation. The practical exercises (driving portion) of the program were enjoyed by all. We got together at our office, after we had finished, and discussed how much we actually learned from this program. We have longtime employees (20+ years) and recent employees (1-2 months). They all were very enthusiastic, talking about everything they just learned and how they were going to implement the many safety procedures!

This program should be taught to all municipal public works and police department personnel. I want to thank you for giving us to opportunity to participate in this program. It was definitely worth the time and John and Dianna made it an enjoyable experience."

Bill White,
Manager, Waverly Township

Amazing Training with a Significant Impact

“WOW!! Thank you so very much for allowing the Borough of Pottstown employees the opportunity to have the John Rock presentation here at Borough Hall on Wednesday, September 26th. The presentation was condensed into 3 two-hour sessions that allowed us to reach 86 of our employees. The session was to the point, had significant impact, and my session ended in applause and many thanks to John directly. I was hesitant, or should I just say, more aware when I was driving home last night and back to the office today. I also heard positive comments from other members of our staff as well.

I believe our new administration will support the behind the wheel training and this may become a grant initiative in the future. Cheryl, thanks again to you and PennPRIME for providing us this opportunity!!”

Sandi M. Chieffo,
Human Resources Coordinator,
Borough of Pottstown

A Fantastic Job

"Again, thanks to you and Dianna for a fantastic job. I’m sure everyone there learned something, I know I did and I’ve gone through EVOC and have been driving for 47 yrs. I’m sure we’ll see each other again, but do not hesitate to contact me if there is ever the need."

Edward A. Zunino,
Chief of Police,
Kennett Square Police Dept

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